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Who doesn’t love the idea of having space for a party or barbeque?! Adding a patio to your home can be the single most beneficial project you could ever invest in! Whether it’s concrete, stamped concrete, or pavers, we are here to help you work through budgeting & what product choice works best for your family. Patios will increase your home’s value, they are an extension of your living space, & they are relatively low maintenance.


If adding a patio to your backyard is more than you had in mind or does not work with the design structure of your home, perhaps adding a deck would tickle your fancy?! Decks offer both form & function. Consider planting a herb garden in containers for easy dinner time prep access to fresh organic herbs (add a rain barrel to your deck for easy watering access!). Do you love to entertain? Eat your meals outside? Drink coffee alone before the day starts? No problem! Adding a deck with a space to grill for friends & family with a lovely seating area to enjoy cocktails before eating together at the outdoor table would be a better way to utilize your additional living space. We can build your dream space; you just need to decide if you want to use pressure treated lumber (consider upkeep costs) or composite & vinyl (next to no upkeep- higher initial cost)!


Is the area under your deck open & exposed? Are you unable to hide tools & toys from view? Do you think your outdoor space is lacking completion? Adding a lattice deck skirt may be the way to go! Installing ‘picture framed’ lattice is an easy & cost effective process. We are also able to install an access point that would allow you to store tools, maybe a mower, ladders, & kids toys that are inevitably in the way on grass cutting day. Let’s dress up that deck & make her feel beautiful & complete!


Most clients add a fence to their property to mark the property line, keep out unwanted noise, enjoy their yard in private, or to keep Sampson & Sebastian safe while they go outside to potty & play. There are many styles of fencing to consider & we can walk you through the process to figure out why you want a fence. Knowing the reason for the fence will allow us to recommend the best fence for your buck. The most difficult decision you will need to make is material type; aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, or vinyl?