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A more efficient bathroom will save you money in the long run & reduce the strain on the environment. Remodeling gives you the chance to replace inefficient pipes & fixtures that save on electric bills & water usage. Have a growing family? Take advantage of the remodel & add additional storage &/ or closet space! Add a soaking tub separate from the shower, utilize the space better than the original layout, or expand the bathroom to make more room for his & hers sinks! The possibilities & benefits are endless!


Remodeling your kitchen will add value to your home. A remodeled kitchen can give you an impressive return on investment, that’s true, but imagine increased family time in your newly remodeled space, preparing & eating meals together . A renovated kitchen will certainly benefit the hostess with the mostest; allowing a party focal point & a place for guests to mingle. 


Remodeling an attic will give you more storage space, but if the area is large enough, why not create a fabulous extra bedroom or a truly zen home office?! Remodeling your attic is a smart investment that requires less of a budget than other home remodeling projects while increasing the square footage of your home. Another great return on investment project! 


Updating your flooring can help increase your home’s value, sure, but the personal uses & benefits are nothing to shake a stick at! You will increase your comfort level by updating that old carpet & padding. Or how about installing low maintenance laminate flooring instead of hardwood? Budget friendly laminate flooring is easy to install & moisture & damage resistant, saving you money that you can put to use on another home remodel or repair. Tile, hardwood, & laminate floorings all look great, last a long time, & promote better air quality for those with allergies.


Painting the walls in your home is usually a task taken on when you first move in & if you are preparing to sell your home. But, did you know that you should paint your bedroom & common area rooms every 5 to 7 years? Kitchens, bathrooms, & ceilings should be touched up every 3 to 4 years! Paint really protects your walls. Keeping a coating of quality paint will extend the life of the walls. Things like scraps, dents, splatters, moisture, & stains are all things that happen to your walls daily and you may not even realize it. Hiring professionals to use a quality paint every few years will, no doubt, be a quick & easy process!
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