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It is common knowledge that roofing shingles last about 15- 20 years, 25 if you have really good ones, but you should also note your energy costs as well as the health of your family. A new roof allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently, saving you money every month! Updated roofing will help to prevent health hazards like mold & mildew. We advise you to take the extra step to invest in quality materials & expert installers; your roof & your financial future will thank you! 


Installing new siding on your home will add curb appeal & market value. There is a wide array of siding options; aluminum, wood, cedar, stucco, & vinyl to name a few. Before you choose a siding material, research the upkeep of the material & the material survivability in your area. You want to make sure your investment will last for years to come without damage & minimal upkeep. Insider Secret; shades of blue are the most appealing & offer the best resale value, but you didn’t hear that from us!


Window updates, why bother? Unless you sit up against your window you may not really notice that they leak, letting in air & possibly water when it rains. Water & drafts are the top two reasons homeowners replace their windows followed by fading, maintenance, security concerns, & return on investment. Walls, home furnishings, paintings, etc are all affected by UV light. Installing a more modern window that comes standard with low- emissivity (low-E) coating that blocks those harmful rays is, essentially, sunscreen for your home & possessions. New windows are made of low maintenance vinyl & more often than not, tilt- in sashes for easy peasy cleaning! General home security is improved ten- fold when new, modern, windows are installed. You can sleep easy knowing your windows protect your family at night… all of this will you receive a 70% return on those new windows you just purchased!
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Siding protects your home from damage, bugs, mold, & many other kinds of damage; paint does the same for your siding! Mold & mildew damage are very pricey to repair, as is damage from other precipitation issues. Why replace the siding if you do not need to or want to? Just add a coating of paint & you’re done! Want to paint your aluminum siding? No problem! Easily done. Any exterior paint will be fine. Even your vinyl siding can be painted, should you choose. Being ‘maintenance free’ it is not necessary for you to paint the vinyl siding but can be done with paint that is a shade lighter than your current color; this prevents flaking & warping. Always choose a high- grade paint designed to expand & contract along with the siding, ie, paints containing urethane.