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Do you have deep cracks, missing chunks, or old concrete? It is time to consider replacing that old concrete. True, concrete is a more expensive option than installing asphalt, but it lasts longer, it is prettier to look at, it reacts better to heat & light, it has a higher load bearing capacity, & next to no maintenance cost- just replacement. Freezing & thawing, using salt instead of magnesium during the winter months, & vehicle weight all affect the life of your concrete. Small cracks will form & grow over time, eventually widening & leading to crumbling, broken down concrete that needs to be replaced. 


Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Steps & driveway are still in good shape but seem to be settling in certain areas? Is a cost effective repair what you would prefer right now? Look no further! Concrete Raising is a very cost effective way to repair low spots, steps that have settled, & walkways that are leaning more to the left or the right. Concrete Raising limits the possibility of damaging your yard since heavy- duty equipment is not required for this process and lower labor costs which are then passed on to the client. Concrete Raising is a faster, easier, & cheaper process, up to 50%, allowing the contractor to get more done with less work force = less overhead & insurance costs for the company. Concrete Raising is a good solution & will buy you some time in the event that your concrete is not quite ready to be replaced; however, this is not a complete solution! Concrete settling, more often than not, is related to an underlying issue, most likely runoff or already existing ground water.